Allied Cultures will not be able to do what we do without your support. We invite you to support our work through a number of ways:

Make a Worthwhile Contribution!

Your tax-deductible donation to Allied Cultures can support us in developing our programs to reach out to more than just individuals and high school students when it comes to diversity training and awareness!

Please send your check, made payable to Allied Cultures, to the following address:

Allied Cultures

6854 Bovey Ave. Reseda, CA 91335

We’ll send you an acknowledgment of your donation, and our heartfelt appreciation!

Honor Someone Special Through Your Donation!

Make a birthday, wedding, holiday, graduation or other occasion special for a loved one as well as someone in need with a tax-deductible tribute gift to Allied Cultures. Just provide us with the name and address of the person you’d like to honor and the event he or she is celebrating when you send in your contribution. We will write a thank you for the donation and send the special person a card advising them of your gift in marking their special occasion.

Your tax-deductible contribution in memory of a loved one is also a meaningful way to honor someone you appreciate.

Allied Cultures thanks you for your support in promoting diversity and multiculturalism everywhere!